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INCLUDAS Publishing delivers projects that bring diversity to readers. Whether a love story with a heroine in a wheelchair or a children’s book about making friends with everyone, you’ve come to the right place! See a world from a different perspective and engage with books that empower inclusion. Start by checking out our diversity artists or our books! Wanna help out? Check out our readers, fans, partners page.
Interested in publishing a piece or need some submission guidance? INCLUDAS Publishing is here to support you and your creativity! We represent diversity artists who identify with a particular ability status, as well as works that have a main character with a particular ability status. For INCLUDAS submission guidelines, check out the submissions page. Whether you’re just curious or have a completed manuscript, we are here to help!
Looking for book donations, gift prizes, sponsorship, or writing projects? INCLUDAS Publishing is happy to donate books, specially customized prizes (for raffles, events, etc.), and/or funds to groups/organizations that have a mission centered around diversity and inclusion, in part or solely focused on limited mobility. We love to help out others who also value diversity and inclusion. Check out our readers, fans, partners page for more info.

COOKBOOK | food fails, tasty recipes, & cooking tips from wheelchair users | Spots Still Available! Submit Today!

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Got a “go to recipe”? A favorite kitchen tool? An genius baking hack? A funny dinner date story? We want to know! Whether you’re cooking at home after experiencing a life-changing injury and finally getting out of the hospital or becoming an expert at staying healthy while managing life with limited mobility, we want to share your insights with the world to help other wheelchair users get back into the kitchen and find accessible ways to create and have fun with food.
Here’s a few topics we’re looking for, but not limited to:
  • Tips for preparing and cooking/baking/juicing food
  • Kitchen accessibility tricks and favorite tools
  • Cooking with Kids (or maybe you’re a kid who has a signature dish!)
  • On-The-Go and Travel Snacks
  • Holiday Cooking and Family Favorites
  • Funny Cooking Stories and Cooking as Art & Therapy
Maybe you have a trick for opening up a banana or cutting up cucumbers with no hands. Let us know and share your ingenuity with the world. Oh, and of course, your favorite recipes! This book is open to submissions for wheelchair users, but also from caregivers, allies, and family members who want to contribute. Check out our submission guidelines below, or call 818.350.3652, for more information.
  • 1.  It’s free to submit, but each submitter must either: 1) use a wheelchair/scooter of any type at least 50% of the time when preparing and/or consuming meals, 2) be a family member, relative, significant other, or close friend of a wheelchair user who helps assist or manages cooking, or 3) be someone who has some food/kitchen related secrets/tips that would benefit someone in a wheelchair.
  •    Many people can work on a single cookbook submission, for example, if a kid in a wheelchair wants to submit, parent or a friend can work on the project together.
  • 2.  Submitter must be at least 18 years old. If submitter is between the ages of 13-17, a parent or guardian must give written permission (emailed to cookbook [@] If submitter is 4-12 years old, a parent or guardian must submit everything to us.
  •     Age applies to the first submission sent to us.
  • 3.  Submissions can be as creative as you’d like and we will try to accept everyone who submits during our submission open period. If you miss the deadline, you may not be guaranteed a spot.
  • 4.  When you submit, you agree that the ownership and copyright of the material belongs to the original creator(s) who is submitting the work (e.g. if submitting photography, you have to be the one who took the picture or, if you are submitting a recipe, the explanation of it has to be created by submitter and not copied from a website or other published material). You also agree that everything you provide us is accurate and correct information. You also agree that your work is original and has never been published before, and is exclusively for the cookbook and will not be reproduced, displayed, or sold in any other way as you await for your acceptance status from us, which you will receive in writing.
  • 5.  Please submit everything in English, each submission section not exceeding 1,000 words. If submitting in a different language, there has to be an English translation associated with it. Submissions are open to U.S., with intentional conditional options. If you are outside the U.S., please let us know that in your submission notes.
  • 6.  WHEN SUBMITTING click on the submission link. This form will ask you your name, mailing address, email, preferred inclusion requests, what category, if you’d be open to be interviewed about your recipe, etc. Remember, we will never ask you for personal information like DOB or payment information. Phishing emails exist in the digital age, so be careful. You can also submit by mailing in this form (PDF), or by calling: 818/350/3652.
  • 7.  If you wish to cancel or not submit after sending your work, you must let us know no later than twenty-one (21) days after you’ve submitted your work. However, you can change your submitted material before the final publication deadline, which will be located on this page at a later time.
  • 8.  As a thank you for your participation, you’ll be invited to our cookbook launch celebration. Submitters will not be financially compensated, but will receive a complimentary print & e-book copy.
  • 9.  For all publishing questions, accessibility issues, or submission assistance, email cookbook [@] For direct questions email cookbook author, Sarah: wheelcooking [@]

Guidelines (PDF)  |  Guidelines (word)

  • I use a wheelchair, but not all the time, can I still submit?
    1. If you use a wheelchair or are seated when preparing or cooking meals for 50% of the time, you can submit. Remember, this book is for sharing recipes, but also offering accommodation alternatives and tips that can make cooking easier for someone with limited mobility. Even if you have someone helping you, there is still great advice you can offer. Whether you are giving directions completely verbally or are more hands on, you are still a chef!
  • What are the specifics?
    1. Submit everything in English, not exceeding the word count of 1,000 for each section. DO NOT copy and paste a recipe from a website or any other place. The description and methods for the recipe must be spelled out by the submitter. If you want to include pictures of yourself or the food, it should be at the highest pixel quality setting. Should your work be accepted, we will work with you to make sure everything fits into the book. Remember, you can do a submission in all words or in all pictures, or drawings. Submissions are also accepted via phone (818/350/3652) and mail (click here for PDF).
  • How many times can I submit? What if I change my mind?
    1. You can submit as many times as you’d like and submissions do not all have to be submitted at the same time. However, once the submissions period closes, we will not accept any more submissions. If you change your mind, you have twenty-one (21) days to let us know in writing that you want to cancel your submission. Remember that once accepted, we will work with you to edit and finalize your piece before anything gets published. You will receive a sample of your submission for final approval.
  • What happens to the material after it gets submitted?
    1. Unfortunately, anything we receive will not be returned.
  • How do I know if my work was received? Will I get an email confirmation?
    1. You will receive a confirmation email within minutes confirming the material was received. If you do not within two hours, please email: cookbook [@] Before submitting, save all of your information in a document or elsewhere in case of technical glitches.
  • How will my information be safe?
    1. INCLUDAS Publishing and the author will keep all personal information strictly confidential and it will not be sold, traded, or used for any purpose other to communicate with you in regards of the cookbook, and any other INCLUDAS Publishing operations.
  • I missed the deadline, can I still submit?
    1. If the deadline passes and we are still looking for submissions, we will do our best to work with you and fit your material into the book.
  • Where and when can I buy the cookbook? How can I get updates?
    1. Publication date of the cookbook is TBD, but there will be print, e-book, and audio options for you to choose from. To get cookbook specials, announcements, and event invites, sign up for the Cookbook Updates.
  • I don’t plan to submit, but I would like to help out. What can I do?
    1. We’re always looking for help! Email author Sarah at: wheelcooking [@] about cookbook volunteering opportunities. If you want to help out with other book stuff, check out our our readers, fans, partners page.

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