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INCLUDAS Publishing delivers projects that bring diversity to readers. Whether a love story with a heroine in a wheelchair or a children’s book about making friends with everyone, you’ve come to the right place! See a world from a different perspective and engage with books that empower inclusion. Start by checking out our our books! Wanna help out or organize an author visit? Check out our partnerships page.
Interested in publishing a piece or need some submission guidance? INCLUDAS Publishing is here to support you and your creativity! We represent diversity artists who identify with a particular ability status, as well as works that have a main character with any disability. For INCLUDAS submission guidelines, check out the submissions page. Whether you’re just curious or have a completed manuscript, we are here to help!
Looking for beta reading opportunities, collaborative author visit ideas, or special event donations? INCLUDAS Publishing is happy to work with you to help further strengthen potential disability inclusion campaigns. We also offer autographed books and swag to social media influencers, and can set up customized sales for events and giveaways. Check out our partnerships page for more info.

We have book related merchandise! Personalize some items with your name!

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30 Things/Gifts/Hacks for a Wheelchair User

This is an original Youtube video which can be found here. These products are not sponsored or in review, they are simply a list that may be helpful for someone else. Please keep in mind that the links to products are mere examples to show and give information about the items, and there may be better places to purchase such items. 1. Micellar water: This requires no sink or… [read more]

Review of 8 Kid’s Books with a Character in a Wheelchair

Since this is a press dedicated to focusing on inclusion of various abilities, it is important to look at books already out in the market. For this review, I examine eight books with a character in a wheelchair. Some of this feedback is based on my own personal experience as someone in a wheelchair and the other is focused on the story and publishing aspects of these books… [read more]

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