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INCLUDAS Publishing delivers projects that bring diversity to readers. Whether a love story with a heroine in a wheelchair or a children’s book about making friends with everyone, you’ve come to the right place! See a world from a different perspective and engage with books that empower inclusion. Start by checking out our diversity team or our books! Wanna help out? Check out our readers, fans, partners page.
Interested in publishing a piece or need some submission guidance? INCLUDAS Publishing is here to support you and your creativity! We represent diversity artists who identify with a particular ability status, as well as works that have a main character with a particular ability status. For INCLUDAS submission guidelines, check out the submissions page. Whether you’re just curious or have a completed manuscript, we are here to help!
Looking for book donations, gift prizes, sponsorship, or writing projects? INCLUDAS Publishing is happy to donate books, specially customized prizes (for raffles, events, etc.), and/or funds to groups/organizations that have a mission centered around diversity and inclusion, in part or solely focused on limited mobility. We love to help out others who also value diversity and inclusion. Check out our readers, fans, partners page for more info.

INCLUDAS Letters | Sign-Up Link

Two identical images with card and letter inside with a mini tea cup with flowers on the corner, on each side, text reads: Need something funny, uplifting, or wise to get you through the day? Sign up to receive (or donate to someone) an INCLUDAS Letter today!

Personalized hand written letters are the best type of support and laugh for any occasion, whether you are a parent, a kid, or a teen with a disability, I can’t wait to write you a little message for you!

If you’d like to volunteer or partner with us on the INCLUDAS Letters project, please email: letters [@]

These letters are free for you, but are possible every time a person purchases a book through INCLUDAS Publishing.

Thank you for supporting #diversityauthors & #diversitybooks!