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Welcome to INCLUDAS! Here we create books full of characters with disabilities. We have a lot of things in the works, but below are just some of our featured diversity team and projects. Our mission also includes designing diverse ways of creating inclusion and accessibility in how a reader interacts with a book, whether through touch, thought, sight, sound, or emotion. This publishing platform gives diversity books a home while having readers learn about disability inclusion. #includas #includasbooks

Our Founder/Owner | Luda Gogolushko

luda facing forward, smiling, hair over shoulder.Born with muscular dystrophy, Luda has lived her entire life with a muscle weakening disease. Even though she lost full ability to walk at age nine, she has never stopped dreaming big. There is nothing easy about living life as someone who uses a wheelchair in a world run by the able-bodied population, but she turns to fiction to build a reality that can be the magic this world needs.
Luda holds a BS in Recreation and a MA in Communication Studies from California State University of Northridge (CSUN), where she conducted an auto ethnographical study entitled, “Negotiating Space: An Autoethnography on Wheels.” The study found that: the chair is accommodated, but the person is segregated; the world is designed for the able-bodied population by the able-bodied; spaces and places hold nonverbal signs that either hold messages of exclusion or messages of inclusion; language and signs that are used to label someone as ‘disabled’ are inaccurate.
Luda is currently part of the Google Trusted Tester group that analyzes the usability of devices. From May 2013-2016, she served on the EDI (Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion) Commission for the National Intramural-Recreational Sports Association (NIRSA), which included inclusion audits at national conferences. In 2012, Luda was part of the inaugural team for the grand opening of the Student Recreation Center at CSUN. In addition to numerous inclusion projects, she interned for AEG at The GRAMMY Museum under Development, as well as Universal Studios Hollywood under Special Events & Group Sales.
“My goal is not to reshape perspective, my goal is to restructure thinking because that is when a new sense of culture begins to emerge.”
May 2018 | Dispelling the Myths of Small Press Panel | BookCon (formally RT Convention)
July 2017 | Sparking the Live Unlimited Spirit (article feature spotlight) | MDA Quest Magazine
March 2017 | Behind the Curtain: The Logistics of Starting Your Own Press | Independent Book Publishers Association
November 2016 | Is Inclusivity Really Worth It? | Publishers Association UK
July 2016 | How Segregation Brought Me to My Dreams | Romantic Times (RT) Digital Magazine
June 2016 | Me Before You & Why It Hurts | Diversability Guest Post
March 2016 | The joys and pains of Inclusion | NIRSA Know Article
May 2011 | Battle of Body Image {interview by Ellen Stohl} | New Mobility Magazine Front Cover
Luda and Chairsy: Making Friends
Where Is Mama?
What If I Fall?
Kids Books Festival | Denver CO
April 2020

Our Staff


female in green shirt sitting in wheelchair at table.

Volunteer Senior Editor

Madison's interest in books began when she entered kindergarten–she was seized by an overwhelming fear that she would never be able to learn to read. Now that she can, her reading tastes have grown from YA to fiction to drama to academic literature, and beyond. But it annoys her that more people with disabilities aren’t included in the media, so she wants to help change that.
Madison holds a BA in English and Theatre, enjoys anything to do with books, loves bread (a lot), and lives life as someone with spinal muscular atrophy type II.
“Don’t let other people dictate your choices.”


Girl with long brown, curly hair.

Past Intern

Jessy enjoys reading fantasy, Gothic, and historical fiction. She also has a passion for listening to music (alternative, symphonic rock, and medieval folk), as well as creating her own songs and recording them. Being on the autistic spectrum makes it difficult for her to process information, but her quietness is her greatest asset. She enjoys editing and writing her own stories, with hopes of being published one day.
Jessy currently studies in San Diego, majoring in English (BS).
“Work hard, keep writing, and never give up.”

Our Authors & Illustrators

Aly Sanchez

girl with black hair bun working INCLUDAS sticker.

Aspiring Romance Author

Aly enjoys the liberty that comes when the pen hits the paper, allowing her to give life to characters and places in any way she chooses. She has a deep, inner romantic side that she likes to let loose through her writing. There’s no better feeling than having readers connect and feel an array of strong emotions from a story she has created.
Aly loves the color green, is the eldest of three children, enjoys photography and painting, and lived life with muscular dystrophy, central core disease.
“Don’t rush anything or force it, for great things take time and difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations.”
Coming soon!
Coming soon!
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Emha Goliesh

emha website

Romance Author

Emha writes because of the freedom to rewrite reality and manipulate fantasy. She likes to test the limits of story creation and introduce new concepts to readers, as well as challenge herself to feel things out and write what comes through on the deepest emotion.
Emha grew up with not knowing she had dyslexia, but as much as reading is a struggle, her passion for writing never fades. She is definitely a cat person, prefers watermelon with seeds, hates being late but always is anyways, is obsessed with nature, fascinated by the universe, and confused by the human body.
“Dream past the fantasy. Fight past the battle. Drift past the rhythm.”
June 9th
October 19th
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Sasha Flare

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Romance Suspense Author

Sasha is the guilty pleasure writer–writing about crazy, outrageous things that have a hint of satire, yet, full of truth about the world and the cruel reality of truth no one wants to admit to. Advice to writers: if you want to write books for readers, think of your story backwards, then flip it sideways a few times and then look at it upside down. If you still love it, write it to perfection. Start from a blank page once in awhile.
Sasha's goal is to create stories that make people think smarter, wiser, and deeper.
“Don’t hold anything back, the pages should be yours truly.”
Fake Love Fairy Tale
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Kendra Gottsleben

Short female sitting at table, short hair and glasses.

Kid's Book Author

Kendra enjoys writing because she can express herself and share her experiences with others. Through her writing, her hope is that readers understand that life is full of adversity and that life’s ups and downs shouldn’t stop anyone from reaching for their dreams.
Kendra holds a bachelor’s degree in both psychology and sociology. She always sees the positive in life and helping others, and is a fashionista who loves bright colors and sparkle. At age four, she was diagnosed with a rare genetic condition called Mucopolysaccharide Type VI also known as Maroteaux-Lamy syndrome (MPS VI).
“Don’t change your foundation just to fit in. Always stay true to who you are!”
Kendra’s Perfect Dance Routine
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Kevin Nordstrom

male in sunglasses standing sideways.

Kid's Book Illustrator

Kevin draws and writes to bring something magical into the world–where there is heart and emotion behind each creation, where it’s okay to laugh and be silly, and where the dreams of wonderful ideas are limitless. He also enjoys screenwriting and running an art inspired business: Whimsical Mischief Studio.
Kevin was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia in his early twenties, but only recently opened up about it. The moment came when he realized he was going to be a father. He wants the world his sons grow up in to be one that doesn’t stigmatize those who are different.
“Every day is a new opportunity to be a better version of yourself.”
Luda and Chairsy: Making Friends
INCLUDAS Coloring Book
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Future Author/Illustrator

INCLUDAS Publishing logo with spiral rectangle steps increasing, in color magenta.

This Could Be You

Have you written a book or looking to illustrate one? Check out our submissions page to get started. Remember, your story should be polished, finished, and edited before submission for publication. If you hadn't done any research on submitting to an agent, editor, or publisher, please do so in order to have knowledge about the industry. There are great resources available, and a lot of organizations that can help you out. Good luck and write on!
Find great articles on these sites to any questions you may have:
1. Jane Friedman (anything from marketing to copyright to editing, she’s got you covered)
2. Joel Friedlander (he’s all about the blogging, the book production, and the design)
3. Joanna Penn (a great start to understanding various publishing platforms and how to get your books ready)
4. Emma Darwin (offers an amazing and detailed writing tool kit to strengthen and deepen any writing) 

"It is likely I will die next to a pile of things I was meaning to read." —Lemony Snicket