Did you know that less than 2% of fiction books feature a main character with limited mobility? That primarily plays a role in the disability identities seen in the publishing industry as a whole. Check out this article (2016) that breaks down the numbers and shows that “the number of diverse books published each year over the past twenty years has been stuck in neutral, never exceeding, on average, 10 percent.”


We are so excited about our diversity kid’s division here at INCLUDAS Publishing. We have over 10 different kid’s projects in the works with fun characters & stories! We can’t wait to share them with you all!

Coloring Book Cover 6X9 with joystick 9.23.16



Novels are starting to take roots with a few books currently being worked on right now! Whether you love mystery or romance, or anything in between, we try to bring you the most diverse cast of characters!



We love working with many different ideas, different projects, and different people to help support diversity and inclusion! We have a few collaborative projects in the works that range from non-fiction to cookbook projects!


“EVERYONE has their own adventures and stories to tell.”  -Kevin N.

“Diversity in publishing is imperative. Publishers who heed the call will succeed and have loyal readership for generations to come.” -Savannah F.

“When the words we read reflect our diverse world, so too will they perpetuate the value of diversity.” -Emily L.

“Inclusion helps others gain a better understanding and awareness of how differences enrich and empower our communities.” -Kendra G.

“Books focused on inclusion will help others realize that they are not alone.” -Erica L.