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Readers & Fans

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Enter a world of diversity that will introduce you to new perspectives! Our goal at INCLUDAS Publishing is to deliver diverse materials of multiple genre options to readers of all ages and experiences. Diversity in books, especially the representation of characters or authors with limited mobility, is very slim, and rarely done well. Here, every story is going to be different because perspectives that are shared are not a “one size fits all.” The INCLUDAS platform is about having a welcoming and engaging space for everyone. We want to provide access to books that you can enjoy, support, and share!

Are you a huge fan of any of our authors and/or books, or INCLUDAS Publishing? Our doors are always open to an extra pair of hands, or feet, or wheels. Maybe you want to promote one of or books on your Youtube channel? Or simply wish to pass out some of our marketing swag? We can’t wait to team up! And, if you want to share other options or give us some suggestions, let us know. Do you identify with any of the options below? Let us know by filling out this form and let’s inclusion together!

  1.     I have a Youtube channel and/or a blog and want to review/promote an INCLUDAS book.
  2.     I help manage a bookstore/library and want to order some books.
  3.     I want to beta read some in-production stories to help an author strengthen the story.
  4.     I review books in a magazine/other media forms and want to get ARCs of future books.

Wondering how you can get an author to sign a book for you or for your group? We love to hear that! Coming soon, some books will offer autographed e-book options, and our paperback/hardcover books will be available in our shop (coming summer 2019) for purchase, where you can order and request an autographed book by the author.

Please support your favorite author by reviewing a book, requesting it at your local library, and sharing on social media. Remember to tag INCLUDAS and use #includas so we can share all the love with our authors. The best way to know what’s happening with your favorite author/book is to sign up for the INCLUDAS Newsletter, or Like Us on Facebook.

We do the best we can to give diverse access of our books to readers, but if you need some extra assistance experiencing our books email us at support [@] includas.com. We strive to offer all of our books in digital, print, and audio options, but currently are not able to release the same book on all platforms at the same exact time. We do have plans to get all of our books in all accessible platforms as soon as possible. If you’re new to accessibility and want to know what goes into inclusive publishing, check out these resources:

  • DAISY Accessibility Summary
  • Best Practices Guide for Inclusive Publishing
  • Know Your Library Accessibility Rights
  • Making Documents Accessible
  • Digital Accessibility
  • Author & Virtual Visits

    With lots of creativity & work, anything is possible! If you want to give your school, bookstore, special organization, or library a disability diversity experience, let us know! Please place the initial request at least four months in advance with us so we can figure out the best time/date. Depending on the scope of the visit, duration of visit, and level of engagement, a customized plan will need to be in place. If an author visit may not be an option, we would be more than happy to donate something or provide a discount on our books for a special event or classroom. Please fill out this form and check out this author/illustrator visit guide sheet.

    Hello future host! Thank you for your interest in wanting to have an INCLUDAS author/illustrator visit you to promote disability inclusion and diversity.

    1.     If you’d like to book an author/illustrator visit for a school, library, or something else, please fill out this form.
    2.     Here is a summary sheet of information (same as the partnership form) to help everyone make the process run smoothly.
    3.     Please book us at least four months in advance, and order books from us for an event at least six weeks in advance
    4.     We can offer customized worksheets and bring small gifts to students.

    An author/illustrator will do 2 free virtual visits (for schools) per year for up to 20 minutes per session via a recorded video with a reading of selected book and answer questions submitted beforehand. You can also have a book club virtual meeting with the author or a session focused on writing/story development.

    To get started, please fill out this form.

    If you run a book club or a member, and want to have an author come to a meeting to answer questions or interact and autograph some books, please feel free to reach out! If you’d like to have the author send pre-selected questions ahead of time for your members to discuss, that is also an option. An author can come for the whole meeting or after the discussion ends for some chats, photos, autographs, games, and drinks. If you’re more comfortable doing a virtual meeting with the author or a session focused on writing/story development, let us know that as well.

    To get started, please fill out this form.

    Giveaways & Sales

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    One book can be enough to change the world! We run giveaways and sale s around new releases or special events. If you’re interested in running a giveaway on your blog or social media, please email marketing [@] includas.com. We love to support and team up with other people who promote diversity, and specifically, disability inclusion. Everyone needs some sort of help in one capacity or another, INCLUDAS offers donations in gifts to help promote diversity and inclusion. But we also need assistance as well to foster a culture of inclusion. Whether a book club, a non-profit, or a social media influencer, all inquiries are valued!

    We normally run special sales during new book releases, but can also team up with other authors (who identify with a disability/have a character with a disability) to create diverse options for readers. Or if you want to do a giveaway aimed to promote disability in literature, we can offer some giveaway options as well. Or if you’re doing a disability related podcast or event that fits with our vision, we’d love to team up and do a special sale for that, or something else to help enrich your vision.

    To get started, please fill out this form.

    Are you a social influencer looking to help promote diversity and inclusion? We can offer special book promotion, and/or merchandise options for you to promote, as well as run special sales for you specifically. If you have more than 10,000 followers on any social media platform, we will send you the items for you to promote and review on all of your social media accounts, and a one week sale period for your followers. Please tag us and use #includas #diversityauthors #diversitybooks and any other hashtags you’d like for audience reach. 

    To get started, please fill out this form.

    "I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel." —Maya Angelou