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Sasha Flare


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new adult romance

  • The facts: the best medicine is writing, watermelon with seeds should always be on sale, Eminem enthusiast, hoodies and sweats are everything in life.
  • The reasonsI’m the guilty pleasure writer. Writing about crazy, outrageous things that have a hint of satire, yet full of truth about the world under the context to spotlight the cruel reality no one wants to admit to.
  • The diversity: Anxiety to the max. I worry about the blemish on my back no one can see and the way someone looked at me ten years ago in passing.
  • The advice: If you want to write books for readers, think of your story backwards, then flip it sideways a few times and then look at it upside down. If you still love it, write it to perfection.
  • The quote: “Don’t hold anything back, the pages should be yours truly.” #themoreoutrageousthebetter
Red book cover with ice cream cone, Fake Love Fairy Tale.All Ivy Millow wants is to be married already! But this 24 year-old college student, wheelchair-user, hopeless romantic, has always been a late bloomer. Romance movies have been Ivy’s inspiration since she was a kid. So she won’t let her level-headed, married, younger sister, Chloe, stop her from falling for the first guy she is attracted to. Desperate single times mean desperate single measures. Ivy is going to do everything to get the guy. They’ll have sex, fall in love, and then he’ll propose. Ivy is sure she can make it all happen within three days in Denver. What could possibly go wrong?
Tagline: Every love story is like a romantic movie for Ivy Millow. Now if she can only convince her hot crush to see it that way, they’d live happily ever after.
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  • Everyone in Seattle knows she did it. The detective is going to prove she did it. But Leslie Ohlee did not want her husband dead—despite his complaints about her inability to walk and their brutal fights every gossiper loved to soak up—Leslie wouldn’t kill someone who saved her life. Maybe she pushed him and he died in the hospital hours later. Maybe she hadn’t shed a tear when blood gushed out of his head. Maybe she was immediately attracted to firefighter, Ricardo Jamestive, while her husband was fighting for his life. But her behavior was normal compared to the way her in-laws acted. She knew they had something to do with his death. With everyone hating her, how will she get anyone to believe her?
  • Tagline: Strangers pop into Leslie’s life after the death of her husband and she can’t figure out why.
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Emha Goliesh


Girl half face hiding behind brown hair and bangs, in glasses and a white flowery long sleeve top.


new adult romance

  • The facts: grew up in California, cat person, favorite animal is dolphin, loves watermelon with seeds, hates being late, obsessed with nature, fascinated by the universe, confused by the human body
  • The reasons: I write because it’s a freedom thing for me. I can rewrite reality and manipulate fantasy. I like to test the limits and introduce new concepts. I love creating diversity books for people because it helps support a culture of unity and connection. The idea that my work can empower or inspire those who may feel weak and hopeless to be stronger people is most rewarding.
  • The diversity: I grew up with dyslexia and as much as I struggle with reading, I am in love with writing.
  • The advice: Feel things out and write what comes through. Archive all notes, but also start from a blank page once in awhile, even if the entire book has been written.
  • The quote: “Dream past the fantasy. Fight past the battle. Drift past the rhythm.” #bedifferent #bebold
  • June 9th book cover by Emha Goliesh, a novel, book one.Studious college student, Lacey Shyver, has never been interested in romance. She rolls in her wheelchair to the beat of astronomy, math, and physics. That is, until one simple touch from drummer, Blake Nivey, opens her up to things she never knew existed. But every reward has a risk and every pleasure has a sacrifice. Like a web of stickiness, the harder Lacey unintentionally falls for Blake, the deeper she gets haunted by something from her past. Whatever her fears, she must figure them out before it’s too late. Because once June 9th begins, it will never end.
  • Tagline: Lacey Shyver has always rolled through life in a perfect straight line. Until an unexpected twist in romance and fate sets her on a path that swerves in every direction but forward.
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  • October 19th book cover by Emha Goliesh, a novel, book two.Lacey Shyver has found love and it’s the best relationship of her life. Overcoming insecurities of being in a wheelchair has never been easy, but Lacey will always fight for a future with the man she loves. Yet, it seems that the harder they love, the harder they fight. But despite the arguments, nothing breaks the couple like her boyfriend’s ex—who’s on a mission to get between Lacey and her man. Are they meant to last forever or not? Because once October 19th disappears, it will never be the same.
  • Tagline: Lacey Shyver has the best love in the world. Except that her boyfriend’s ex has come along to ruin the romance. How far will Lacey go to save her relationship?
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Luda Gogolushko


smiling female in hoodie.


kid’s books

  • The facts: loves crafts of all types, played with roly poly bugs as a child–still does, appreciates hand made gifts, enjoys doing things in nature, obsessed with trying new things and making friends, tries to celebrate the rainbow in life after heavy storms, even when everything feels washed away
  • The reasons: Creating stories for children makes the world around me feel softer, like a cloud I can reach up, play with and no one will judge me for it. I find happiness in making children happy, especially when in comes to including them and giving them a cloud to play with when they feel alone.
  • The diversity: I was born with muscular dystrophy and have used a wheelchair since I was a kid. I’ve always felt like an outcast growing up, so hopefully my books will let others connect to a place that will bring comfort and excitement to everyone.
  • The advice: Always follow your dreams, even if others don’t believe in you. Because I believe in you. Not everyone will have the same way of doing something and that’s okay, just take hold of your own path and explore!
  • The quote: “Don’t let the rain scare you away from finding your rainbow of sunshine.” #dancewiththeclouds
  • back cover of kid's book, Where Is Mama?.where is mama? book cover with baby turtle outline.If you are easily triggered by sad stories, please read with caution.
  • When I look for mama, I can’t find her. Where is mama? I don’t know. Maybe one day I’ll find her. Maybe one day I won’t. I’ll keep searching and seeing the whole ocean floor until it’s time for me to get back to the empty shore.
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Luda is excited to make friends in a new city! She rolls through the house, down the ramp, and to the street with a huge smile. When the other kids seem to make fun of her wheelchair, Chairsy, Luda feels discouraged to make friends. Will the other kids ever know that she loves to play like everyone else?

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Kendra Gottsleben


Female sitting in power wheelchair, smiling with short hair and glasses, shoulders slanted.


kid’s books

  • The facts: Midwestern born and raised,  rare disease advocate, always sees the positive in life  passionate about helping others, bachelor’s degree in both psychology and sociology, enjoys making others smile, loves bright colors and sparkle, fashionista
  • The reasons: I enjoy writing as an avenue to express myself and share my experiences. Through my writing, my hope is that the reader understands that life is full of adversity, but life’s ups and downs shouldn’t stop one from striving for their ultimate dreams. My highest compliments have been when readers say they felt empowered by my writing.
  • The diversity: At age four, I was diagnosed with a rare genetic condition called Mucopolysaccharide Type VI also known as Maroteaux-Lamy syndrome (MPS VI). I have never allowed my condition to deter me from striving to achieve my goals and dreams.
  • The advice: Don’t change your foundation just to fit in or to be accepted. Always stay true to who you are!
  • The quote: “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!”

Kendra has always loved dance. Except when it comes to the talent show! She’s scared she won’t be as perfect as her friends. How can she become confident in doing the show?

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Kevin Nordstrom

Whimsical Mischief Studio

Man standing sideways, with short brown hair and sunglasses.


kid’s books

  • The facts: in love with a beautiful wife, obsessed with a newborn son, has a wild imagination for anything whimsical, can’t live without the many cats that fill up a house full of dreams, is excited about running an art inspired business: Whimsical Mischief Studio
  • The reasons: I draw and write to bring something magical into the world–where there is heart and emotion behind each creation, where it’s okay to laugh and be silly, where the dreams of wonderful ideas are limitless.
  • The diversity: I was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia when I was in my early twenties, but it has only been recent that I became open about it. The moment came when I realized I was going to be a father. And I want the world my son grows up in to be one that doesn’t stigmatize those who are different.
  • The advice: Remember that every day is a new opportunity to be a better version of yourself.
  • The quote: “If you want to improve, be content to be thought foolish and stupid.” -Epictetus

Luda is excited to make friends in a new city. But she gets discouraged when the other kids make fun of her wheelchair, Chairsy. What can she do to show them that she loves to play like everyone else?

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Madison Parrotta


woman smiling in heart shaped dress with black bangs and shoulder length straight hair.


senior editor

  • The facts: Intrigued by literature, BA in English and Theatre, enjoy anything to do with books, reading should be a word used every day, I like food, a lot, and bread, I like bread a lot, my Yorkie dog is my reading partner in crime
  • The reasons: My interest in books began when I entered kindergarten; I was seized by an overwhelming fear that I would never be able to learn to read. Now that I can, my reading tastes grew from YA to fiction to drama to academic literature and beyond. But it annoys me that more people with disabilities aren’t included in our media, so I want to help change that.
  • The diversity: Born with Spinal Muscular Atrophy type 2.
  • The advice: Don’t let other people dictate your choices.
  • The quote: “It is likely I will die next to a pile of things I was meaning to read.”  ― Lemony Snicket #neverstopreading
  • BA in English and Theatre
  • Early career dramaturg
  • Copy editor for Culture Trip
  • Fiction and creative nonfiction editor for The Bookends Review
  • Reader for The New Group
  • Assistant editor for the theatre and disability section of The Theatre Times
  • Publications
  • Disabled Bodies in American Theatre | 2017 | https://thetheatretimes.com/disabled-bodies-american-theatre/


Aly Sanchez


Woman in jean jacket, black hair pulled back, holding INCLUDAS Publishing logo sticker


young adult romance

  • The facts: Cali girl all the way, loves the color green, eldest of three children, can’t get enough of youtube, obsessed with photography, adores writing, reading, and painting, can’t live without a Chihuahua named, ‘Tinkerbell’, spends too much time overthinking everything, but tries to balance out the serious and silly side of life
  • The reasons: I write because the liberty that comes when the pen hits the paper allows me to give life to characters and places that I can freely create. I have a deep, inner romantic side that I can satisfy through my writing. There’s no better feeling than having readers connect and feel an array of strong emotions from my writing.
  • The diversity: I was born with a form of muscular dystrophy called, central core disease. It may be my identifier, but it’s not my definition as an individual.
  • The advice: Don’t rush anything or force it for that matter, great things take time. Write about what interests you as a reader and expand it in any direction you want it to go. Always have something handy to write down any random ideas that may come to mind. It’s your story, let your imagination run wild and hold on tight!
  • The quote: “Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations.” #staystrong

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Carrie Saint-Martin


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kid’s book

coming soon!

Kendra has always loved dance. Except when it comes to the talent show! She’s scared she won’t be as perfect as her friends. How can she become confident in doing the show?

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