Awarenessbring inclusion awareness to your staff

Barrierstackle barriers that impede positive inclusion

Successidentify ways to measure inclusion success

This workshop is intended to be performed once for the Professional/Management Staff, once for the Student/Line staff, and then adapted and maintained internally for future use. The focus is not to recreate the workshop itself, but rather offer educational methods that provide strategic tools from the workshop that can aim in cultivating a learning system about inclusion for future staff.
In the entire two-day workshop, participants will go through a series of educational moments that will focus on exclusion unawareness, barriers to inclusion, tools to foster an inclusive community, and best practices for staff. This will be achieved through personal stories, in-depth discussions, interactive activities, cultural analysis, workshop worksheets, and critical thinking challenges.
The Inclusion Workshop is divided into two stages: exclusion (understanding your audience) & inclusion (creating an inclusive community). The main diversity focus includes: ability status, socioeconomic status, & nationality/ethnicity. Options come in a two-day (5 hours each day) or one-day (6 hours) session that include inclusion worksheets and a complimentary ebook that documents the workshop.

“It made me feel more confident in being able to include everyone from here on out.”

“The work provided by INCLUDAS is amazingly insightful and invaluable for our organization.”

“I will take this information and use it for the rest of my life.”

“It was informative. It brought a different perspective to mind. Another world to understand and view.”